Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Brother and Me

Who will want my work?  I sent these two pictures to my friend.  He said to me, "Who is your audience?  Is it psycho killers and the criminally insane?"

As a contrast to my art, here is my younger brother's art.  He is quite well and does not have a mental illness.

My brother and I artist wise, don't even seem to be on the same genetic tree.  

You can't choose your camp.  But most artists fall into into one of two camps.  You either live in the mountains, or you live in the valley.  Either the sunshine of the soul, or the darkness of the soul.  As for my bright colors, they may suck in your attention, lure you with the lusciousness of bright color vibration but don't be fooled.

My brother is on the side of light and good and peace.

I am on the side of darkness and chaos and energy.

He calms.

I frighten. 

He is quite happy with life.

I have profound episodes of torment.


  1. I'm glad that after a long pause that you have posted on this blog again. To answer your question, I am a member of your audience. I want your work. It gives me hope and a sense of tranquility. So please, please keep going.

  2. I am not schizophrenic (though I have suspiciously similar...tendencies..that luckily don't affect my ability to function the vast majority of the time), but your art profoundly speaks to the way I see the world. It *is* a dark and terrifying place, as much as we try to ignore that reality.

    Please keep making art, because to me your perspective is beautiful and somehow infinitely more real, in spite of the pain it holds. Besides, it makes me feel less alone.

  3. I believe art is not about soothing or bringing torments. It is supposed to be interesting and grab attention, not for simplicity but for being different... be it quirky. Purely an expression- dignified or absurd- doesn't matter- just an expression.


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